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Featuring Emmi-Pet - an Ultrasound Toothbrush for Cleaning your Pet's Teeth!

Emmi-Pet is the most gentle, yet effective way to clean your Pet's teeth and gums.   Using Ultrasound is soothing, friction-free, motionless and protects their enamel.      Emmi-Pet removes stains, restoring your Pet's teeth to their original color, without using chemicals.    It also effectively reduces plaque, inflammation and gum problems.

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Some people love and care for their pets almost as much as they love their children.   If you are one of them, then keep reading.

We're sure you've washed, dried, and brushed your pet, and probably have had your pet professionally groomed a few (or more than a few) times.  That takes care of the smell and outward appearance of your pet.  While it is important to keep your pet clean and well groomed, there is more you should consider.

What about your pet's oral hygiene?  What about your pet's bad breath, and the appearance of your pet's teeth and gums, and the general oral hygiene of your pet?

We have a solution for you - it's called Emmi-Pet
Emmi-Pet is a 100% Ultrasound Toothbrush.  It is motionless, friction-free and non-abrasive to your Pet's teeth and gums.   It cleans your pet's teeth and gums with 100% Ultrasound Technology!   Emmi-Pet is the no-brushing toothbrush innovation which cleans without any motion, vibration or noise. Your pets will feel no sensation when you are cleaning their teeth.

Advanced Oral Hygiene Technology: Using Ultrasound, the toothbrush doesn't need to touch your Pet's teeth, it cleans their teeth and gums without abrasion to their gums or enamel.

Ultrasound is generated by electronics located inside the Emmi-Pet brush head.   The electronic chips create the ultrasound waves and transmit them through the bristles onto the teeth and gums. The specially formulated Toothpaste for Pets creates billions of Nano-bubbles that are imploded by the ultrasound waves and removes bacteria, plaque, tartar, small food scraps, and stains.

This is a perfect solution for animals with sensitive teeth or gums, especially those having periodontal or gingival diseases.   Emmi-Pet can also be used on pets that have had oral surgery of any type, and soon after surgery, cleaning their teeth and gums after surgery without pain.

The Emmi-Pet Ultrasound Toothbrush provides a deep cleaning with a high level of hygiene and efficiency -- a deep cleaning solution proven by important studies and awards in Europe.   Ultrasound even cleans inside the gum pockets in the tissue.   Ultrasound removes bacteria and helps prevent infections, which are the main causes of irritation.


3-Year Service Plan Included

We are so confident in the quality of this product that we are including a 3-Year Service Plan with each Emmi-Pet  purchased here (for non-business use).    If either the handpeice or the charging base fail to operate at any time during the 3-year service plan term, simply return them to us and we will repair or replace the defective item with a new one (or equivalent new product).

A sample of the 3 Year Service Plan agreement may be seen by clicking here.


Emmi-pet Ultrasound Toothbrush Starter Kit   plus   3 Year Service Plan

Price: $229.95 + Shipping and Handling (flat rate $13.45)

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